Affordable Plug and Play Seat Leasing

Big Savings. Easy to Expand. Focus on your Business.

Seat Location at 2nd Floor

As of February 15, 2024 500 Seats Available

Plug and Play Seat Leasing Available at very cheapest price as low as 159 USD a month per seat. Affordable Plug and Play Seat Leasing

Brand We Use in Our Infrastructure

  • Dell
  • Microsoft
  • Ubiquiti
  • APC
  • Belden
  • HIK Vision
  • Watch Guard
  • Epson
  • Panduit
  • A4 Tech
  • Juniper
  • PLDT
  • Cisco

Benefits of
Plug and Play Seat Leasing.

Flexibility: Plug and Play Seat Leasing often implies a flexible arrangement where businesses can quickly set up and start operating without the need for a lengthy setup process. This flexibility is particularly beneficial for startups and small businesses.

Cost Savings: Rather than investing in setting up an entire office space with furniture, infrastructure, and equipment, businesses can lease ready-to-use seats. This can result in cost savings, especially in terms of initial capital expenditures.

Infrastructure and Equipment: The "plug and play" aspect suggests that the necessary infrastructure, such as internet connectivity, phone lines, and office equipment, is already in place. This can save time and effort in setting up these essential components.

Time Efficiency: Businesses can save time by avoiding the complexities of setting up an office space. This can be particularly advantageous for companies that need to establish a presence quickly or for short-term projects.

Scalability: Seat leasing arrangements are often scalable, allowing businesses to easily adjust the number of seats based on their changing needs. This can be useful for companies experiencing growth or fluctuations in their workforce.

Focus on Core Activities: By outsourcing the management of office space, businesses can focus more on their core activities and operations without being burdened by administrative tasks related to facility management.

500 Seats Leasing Clark
Kick-Start Operations with Lesser Upfront Cost

Whether you want to lease a call center seat or simply rent a few seats for your small staff, Seat Leasing BPO can provide you with everything you need to get started with very little capital.

We provide a variety of leasing options in Clark Pampanga few 5 minutes away from Clark International Airport, including call center seat leasing and office space rentals.

When you decide to outsource to the Philippines, don't just leave it as an idea; get our low-cost BPO seats now and get your staff started!

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Location #1 Building 35  Berthaphil Clark Pampanga, Philippines
Location #2 Clark Center 2 Berthaphil Clark Pampanga, Philippines

NOTE: Location #2 has only 260 seats available. It cannot accommodate fewer than 260 seats. Only Location #1 can handle a minimum of 50 seats.

We also have locations in the National Capital Region. Please let us know the number of seats.

Contact us at (0998)0491187 or (0939)8888201
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Seat Leasing BPO

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Office Address: 2303 Kendal Building 
Bali Oasis Phase 2 Santolan Pasig City NCR Philippines 1600 

Sales Team:
US Number: +14085420470
PH Number: +639398888201

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